“I’m responsible for my own confidence, and I’m responsible for helping other women with theirs.” 

In the realm of women’s leadership, there’s a game-changer that’s rewriting the rules — Collaborative Confidence.

More than a method, it’s a transformative movement that’s inclusive, authentic and deeply enriching.

It’s the catalyst that propels women forward together, united by a bond that’s empowering and uplifting. 

Collaborative Confidence

thrives on reciprocity, relationships and is built on three powerful pillars


your self-awareness, inner champion, core values and strengths.


your visibility and accomplishments while doing the same for other women leaders to create collective success. 


human-centric organizational cultures to steer your career on a path that truly reflects your passions, values and goals. 

Meet Dr. Heather Backstrom — an accomplished executive coach, facilitator, author and speaker. Driven by an unwavering passion for advancing women’s leadership, she wrote Collaborative Confidence to embolden women everywhere to feel strong and self-assured. It’s time for women to shatter murmurs of self-doubt and step into the comfort of self-confidence. When a woman authentically embraces her confidence she becomes an unstoppable force. She owns her strengths, talents and capabilities. She takes risks, honors her values and navigates challenges with ease. 

Heather wrote Collaborative Confidence to inspire women to be champions and catalysts for each other. At its essence, Collaborative Confidence is reciprocal and relational. It creates a rich tapestry of authentic mutuality and deep connections among women. It’s a pledge to elevate the brilliance, abilities and contributions of the women in your life. Collaborative Confidence creates an enduring bond that propels women forward together. 

With expertise in women’s impact and presence, Heather cultivates empowered women leaders that foster enduring bonds for collective progress. Begin embracing the promise of Collaborative Confidence today

“I’m responsible for my own confidence, and I’m responsible for helping other women with theirs.”